Life Abridged.


I'm Shakil Thakur, a local DBA/devops/developer person in Minneapolis. At work I write code that helps makes DBAs lives easier and for fun I work on projects that makes life more magical or help me learn something cool.

I get into various projects - code based (you can find me on Github) or otherwise and I tend to have fun with them!

Over the years, I've written a lot of Lua and enjoy the language a lot. I've written games, scripts, webapps, and AI bots with it. At work, we use Python and have built enterprise-grade APIs, and loads of scripts/jobs/frameworks for Redis, Hadoop, and Oracle. I've also written a small amount of JavaScript but only for front-ends (where JavaScript belongs).

When I'm not programming, I might be trying some new restaurant in the area, exploring town on my bike, learning to cook something new, or just trying to figure out how things work. I like doing and experiencing. Sometimes with friends and sometimes on my own. Now, I want to share them with the world. I hope to do that with this blog.