Life Abridged.

TableSalt now available in luarocks!

I published it with no extra dependencies! No need to git submodule add any longer! Just a regular old module install via luarocks:

luarocks install TableSalt  

and require('TableSalt') as you do and you're good to go! I still need to update the documentation, but no worries I'll get to it soon!

Other stuffs

  • bug fixed when using non-square puzzles
  • added a TableSalt:getAllValues() method that returns the current values of all the variables as a table.

These came about while working on my Kakuro Solver where I also realized that returning some errors that are useful to the user might be a good idea as well. The most common issue is not having a constraint associated with every variable in the CSP - as of now TableSalt will just return some generic lua error somewhere along the line... Also, I'll likely take a break from working on TableSalt after I finish the docs and am not entirely sure when/if I'll pick it up again...

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